When purchasing goods, try to consider the difference between needing and wanting. The big corporations are heavily invested in convincing the consumer that they need things that they most definitely do not need. Consumerism is at an all time high in modern society, and materialistic habits are hard to break. By living a life with less things, you have more time to invest in yourself and your surrounding relationships. There is a reason why minimalism is catching a huge wave, as it promotes mindfulness, fulfillment, and greatly reduces the amount of money wasted on pointless goods.

Consumerism is built upon a model of infinite resources.

In industrialized society, millions of new items are produced every day. Our planet has finite resources, and consumerism is depleting these resources at alarming rates.

  • Ask yourself, “do I need this item, or do I want it?”
  • Say NO! to big-business retailers by purchasing local, handmade, and/or used goods.

Consumerism plays a major role in climate change.