* Postgraduate Scholarship Criteria:


  • Deadlines for applications must be received by March 30th of each year for funding in the following academic year. For full consideration, applicants must provide a completed application per the deadline, with the following:
    • A 1,000 word (double spaced) essay answering the following questions: How will your college studies contribute to improving global environmental awareness? Why is this field of study important to you? What is your specific plan for post-graduate studies and how will your studies impact the environment in a positive way?
    • A letter of recommendation and contact information from at least two academic leaders.
    • Please tell us a little about yourself. Hobbies, interests, or interesting facts or stories. Whatever you would like to share, the board would love to hear.

Submit completed essays and letters of recommendation to:

Teaching Environmental Awareness Foundation
920 NW Bond Street, Suite 200
Bend, Oregon 97703



*Grants will be awarded to causes committed to saving and protecting our precious world. 

Please feel free to contact us for consideration.