Only 10% of phones are recycled in the U.S. and a person often purchases a new phone every 1-2 years. Companies that produce electronics often build their devices based on a model of “planned obsolescence”. They know that they can greatly increase their revenue streams if consumers are purchasing new products much quicker than is needed. This leads to billions of electronics being dumped into our ecosystems, even though many of them can be recycled, resold, reused, or properly disposed of.

The fastest growing waste stream in America!

If disposing of your E-Waste, look for an R2 certified facility. A simple google search can locate one near you. Most electronic materials contain extremely toxic materials which can damage human and animal organs. Add heat to that, and these toxic materials can go straight into the atmosphere. In countries such as Ghana, E-waste pollutes waterways and creates “rivers” of E-waste, fatally harming those who are regularly exposed to it.

  • Keep your phone longer than recommended by companies, as they can last many years if cared for properly.
  • Do not throw away your old devices, and if you are not able to recycle them, store them in a box in your home.

E-waste has a detrimental impact upon the environment and is rarely disposed of properly.